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Installation & Activation for Administrators

Welcome to the installation and activation pages for Barclays.Net.

To complete your installation and activation of Barclays.Net you will be guided through the following steps;

  1. Installation of a PIN Pad card reader
  2. Installation of the Gemsafe eSigner Software and the associated drivers
  3. Activation of the smart card
  4. Change of PIN
  5. Activation of users

If you have just been registered onto Barclays.Net, please follow steps 1- 4 below.

If you are an existing Barclays.Net Client and you need to activate a new user, please go to step 3.

If you are an existing Barclays.Net Client and need to install your smart card and/or smart card reader software again, please refer to the instructions in step 1 and 2.

Before You Begin

In order to access Barclays.Net you must be in possession of:

  1. A PIN Pad smart card reader – which you will attach to the computer from which you want to access Barclays.Net
  2. The smart card software (eSigner) – which must be installed on the computer from which you want to access Barclays.Net. You will also need to install some drivers – please refer to the information included with your reader
  3. Your smart card
  4. Your temporary PIN

Before logging into Barclays.Net all users must read the Barclays.Net Security User Guide PDF† (326KB).

If you are on a Citrix environment you will need to follow a different set of instructions. For help and advice on the suitability of individual Citrix environments please call the Barclays.Net Client Service Team on 0845 878 7052* (outside the UK: +44 160 656 3032).

Step 1 - Connecting Your PIN Pad smart card reader

  1. Attach the USB connector from the PIN Pad smart card reader to a spare USB port (as shown in the images below)
    Important: If Windows displays a message saying that it has found new hardware, press <cancel> to skip the driver installations at this stage
  2. Continue to install the eSigner software as per instructions in Step 2.

Step 2 - Installation of Smart Card Security Software (eSigner)
The software should be installed by a user with the appropriate permission to install software e.g. with administration privileges.

Please Note: We recommend that you run a virus check prior to installing it.

Windows Installation

Please follow the Installation instructions found on the back of the eSigner CD.

  • Ensure there is no card in any attached reader and follow all of the prompts on screen, selecting the default options where appropriate and accepting the terms and conditions.
  • If you are a Microsoft Vista or Windows 7 user you will be prompted to add the Barclays URLs to your Trusted Sites. These must be added in order to gain access to Barclays.Net. Further details are available on the Trusted Sites.txt file on the eSigner CD.
  • At the end of the installation you will be promoted to restart Windows to complete the installation. Before doing so, please ensure you have also downloaded the drivers from and saved any data before restarting Windows
  • Additional information can be found in our detailed instructions on installing eSigner for Windows.

Mac Installation

Follow the instructions on the eSigner software email, selecting the default options where appropriate and accepting the terms and conditions.

  • Close all other programs and applications before starting the installation and then connect your card reader (if you have not done so already) as per Step 1 above
  • Please ensure you have also downloaded the drivers from before using your reader.

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Step 3 – Activating Users
To activate yourself as an Administrator you will need to call the Barclays.Net Client Service Team.

Once logged in to Barclays.Net you can then activate any users that have been set up. It is the Administrator’s responsibility to ensure that all users are activated on Barclays.Net by completing the following steps;

  1. Hover over the Admin tab and select Users, and then My Worklist
  2. Click into the Processed tab
  3. Click onto the name of the user to be activated (this will be listed as a blue hyperlink)
  4. Above the user details there will be a Change Status To box, which must be changed to Active using the drop down box
  5. Click Submit to confirm this change. If you are set to Dual administration, then a second Administrator will need to approve this.

Full instructions can be found on how to activate your users once you have logged in to Barclays.Net and within the Help link (in the top right hand side of the screen).

Once their card has been activated and inserted into the reader for the first time, users will be prompted to change their temporary PIN. Please find more detailed guidance at User Activation.

Step 4 – Logging in and Accessing Support Material
Once you have installed your smart card and smart card reader software you can login

As soon as you have successfully logged in to Barclays.Net, please go to the Help link (in the top right hand side of the screen) where you will find further support such as getting started, key differences and service guides as well as Online Help to help you to familiarise yourself quickly with Barclays.Net.

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*Opening hours are 8am-7pm Monday-Friday, excluding Bank Holidays. Calls may be monitored and recorded for training and operational purposes and to improve the quality of our service. Call charges and information.

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